The Metro Chatswood Opportunity

Shopping Centre

Metro Chatswood will be Australia’s first truly integrated retail complex created as part of the Chatswood Transport Interchange (CTI).

Originally identified by the NSW Government back in 2004, the CTI has been developed to act as the catalyst to the upgrade of Sydney’s North Shore public transport network. The new $2.2bn Chatswood to Epping Rail line is now operating, whilst Chatswood Bus Interchange is handling over 700 daily bus movements through the site.

The already significant daily patronage in the site has been enhanced with the development of a major residential project above, including 500 residential units.

Metro Chatswood is specifically designed to service the shopping needs of the significant numbers of public transport commuters, Chatswood office workers and local residents who will frequent the centre on a daily basis.

This website sets out initial information about the Centre and the retail strength of the Chatswood market.

Picture of Metro Chatswood Shopping Centre Front