Chatswood Transport Interchange

Chatswood Transport Interchange comprises a significant new mixed-use multi transport rail and bus facility, of which the high quality Metro Chatswood retail complex forms an integral part.

The overall project also includes three major residential towers totalling approximately 500 units constructed above the site.

Significant infrastructure works have been finalised as part of the upgrade works to the North Shore public transport network. These include a new Chatswood Railway Station to cater for the $2.2 billion Chatswood to Epping Rail Line and a new major Bus Interchange to service the entire North Shore network.

Metro Chatswood forms the commercial precinct being created as an integral component of the overall Chatswood Transport Interchange. As such, Metro Chatswood will benefit from potential daily customer traffic flows that very few other shopping centres in Australia can ever hope to match:

  • Approximately 35,000 daily train commuters walking in and out of the existing Chatswood Railway Station.
  • Approximately 15,000 estimated additional daily commuters on opening of the new Chatswood-Epping Rail Line.
  • Some 700 daily bus movements through the interchange complex, with around 20,000 average daily public passengers numbers (Pitney Bowes MapInfo).
  • Over 1,000 residents living directly above Metro Chatswood in three residential towers.

Willoughby City Council has completed various public works initiatives which further enhance the Chatswood city centre. These include a major upgrade to ‘Chatswood Walk’ and the development of the new $150 million Chatswood ‘Civic Place’ project. This development offers the Sydney North Shore a major performing arts venue with a 1,000 seat concert hall, a 500 seat theatre, exhibition space and library facilities (

Map of Sydney Railroads leading to Chatswood