Making the connection

Metro Chatswood will provide nearly 12,000m² of ultra modern, high quality retail space in a truly world class, unique shopping centre.

The Metro Chatswood retail complex is located directly within the major transport hub of Chatswood Transport Interchange. As such, it benefits from daily customer traffic flows that very few other shopping centres in Australia can ever hope to match:

  • Over 11 million pedestrians passing through the Centre during peak periods.
  • Approximately 238,700 train commuters presently using Chatswood Railway Station on a weekly basis (an estimate of circa 12.41m annual rail commuters).
  • Projections for annual rail commuter numbers to increase to 16.1m by 2016 and 17.4m by 2021.
  • Some 5,000 commuters departing Chatswood Bus Interchange on a daily weekday basis.
  • A local office workforce of approximately 18,900 people.
  • Over 1,000 residents living directly above Metro Chatswood in 3 residential towers.